Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gymnast Header

Looks kind of brutal but serious funny...check it..!

Beat box idol

One of the australia idol contestant, the beatbox guy was superb, check it..!

Bikers crazyness..!!

since i were a biker too, so automatically i would love this video, check the website maybe u want to buy the video ( free promo for this guys...huhu)

best goal.....

love this goal...!

Begging cat..

this cat was actually begging for water, very cute.....!!

Very tired baby

i dont know about you guys, sometimes i feel pity about this baby, but more to laughing at him, check it out...!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small change?

thailand funny ads, so when you want to open a store, please standby lots of coin when this kind of people came in, :)

Focus when boss is talking...

fokus when your bos is talking to you, especially when its a lady boss, :)

welcome to my video blog, u guys can view my collection of best video, enjoy..!!